Benefits of Using Laminate Floating Floors

02 July 2019

When in search of hard flooring options for your home or building, you will come across three main styles, namely glue-down, nail-down, and floating ones. The latter is what our discussion is about today. It does provide you with certain advantages that the other two fail to offer. To be more specific, we will be discussing what laminate floating floors are and the benefits of installing them in the following information. 

What Are Laminate Floating Floors?

Laminate flooring is made up of different layers of materials, including one that is a moisture barrier. All of the layers are bonded through a high-pressure process to ensure secure adhesion. The top layer is scratch-resistant and can have the appearance of timber, stone, or other types of flooring, but laminate costs a fraction of what it simulates. While once, it was not possible to float a floor, thanks to the tongue-and-groove technology, it is possible to install the modern laminate in a floating style. All the planks attach together to form the floor and can install over present flooring, so thus, the name laminate floating floors. 

Advantages of Installing Laminate Floating Flooring

1. Easy Installation

The floating laminate floor options do not require a complicated installation method involving nailing or gluing. Due to this fact, your floor will be ready to walk on much faster, and the labour cost for installation is less expensive most of the time. 

2. Can Install Over a Variety of Existing Flooring

There is no need to tear up the existing hard flooring when installing this type of floor, as long as the subfloor is still in ideal condition. Whether you have vinyl, concrete slab or other type of floor, the laminate floor planks will float over them in a perfect fashion. You cannot float laminate over carpeting, as it will not bring about favourable results. 

3. The Surface Layer Is Durable and Long-Wearing

Laminate is durable and long-lasting since it is resistant to scratching and fading. You will receive years of use from a laminate floating floor. On top of this, it is easy to maintain with just sweeping and mopping. 

4. Individual Planks Can Be Replaced Without Disturbing the Rest of the Floor

One huge benefit of floating laminate floors in comparison to other types of floors is that their individual planks are replaceable without the need to disturb other areas of the floor. Not only does this save you money when repairs are necessary, you also will have less downtime with your floor during the replacement process. 

For additional information about the benefits of using laminate floating floors, consult with Diamond Valley Carpets. Our business is selling and installing a wide assortment of quality flooring options.

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