Hardwood or Carpet: Which Type of Flooring Should You Consider in a Bedroom?

07 August 2019

Trying to choose between hardwood and carpet for bedroom flooring can be daunting since you need to analyse which one is suitable for this room. While hardwood may be fine in the rest of the house, it might not be ideal for your bedroom, but this depends on your specific situation. Also, care instructions and personal preferences are important to some homeowners. Let us examine the pros and cons of each of these flooring options to help you decide which is best for you.

Advantages of Hardwood Floors in the Bedroom

• Hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing regardless of the type of wood or its colouring. It complements all décor styles from modern to traditional.

• It is easy to remove the dust and other allergens from hardwood floors with an electrostatic duster. No vacuum needed in most cases.

• You can select from a wide range of timbers and colours.

• Well-maintained hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting. They provide you with a substantial return on your investment.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors in the Bedroom

• If you are a pet owner, know that your pet’s nails can scratch hardwood flooring.

• Hardwood floors are noisy in kids’ bedrooms, especially in multi-level homes.

• This type of flooring is cold and hard on bare feet.

• Slips and falls can happen on hardwood floors, especially in the middle of the night when you walk to the bathroom.

• Requires periodic stripping and resealing.

Pros of Carpet in the Bedroom

• Carpet is soft and comfy on bare feet.

• Carpeting or carpet tiles are warm under the feet in comparison to hardwood floors. Either one can help keep the bedrooms warmer in the wintertime since carpet adds extra insulation to the floors.

• You have plenty of styles, colours and price ranges from which to make your selection.

• To care for carpeted bedroom floors, all you need to do is vacuum them at least once a week and shampoo them when necessary.

• Quality carpet lasts for 10 years or more depending upon the brand and style.

• Makes floors quieter for children and adult bedrooms.

Cons of Carpet in the Bedroom

• Carpet can hold onto allergens since they can work their way deep into the fibres. You must vacuum them often if someone in your house is prone to allergies or even asthma attacks.

• Another issue with carpet in bedrooms is that it can stain if you are not careful to purchase the right kind.

Since cost can vary with both types of floors, it really is neither a pro nor a con for either hardwood or carpet flooring. For further facts about how to choose which one is right for your bedroom, consult with Diamond Valley Carpets. We carry both of these flooring types along with others. Our experts will guide you in the right direction for your bedroom flooring needs.

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