Carpet Tiles: What Are the Qualities That Make Them Ideal for Office Use?

03 June 2019

Trying to choose a flooring for offices can be confusing with all the choices that are available at present. One of the most popular flooring options for offices today is carpet tiles. Their versatility, wide range of patterns and colours, and ease of installation are the reasons why so many property owners select these tiles for their office floors. To clearly understand all of the characteristics of the tiles, refer to the following details. 

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Unlike broadloom carpet that comes in a roll and requires stretching to install, carpet tiles are individual squares of carpet that are pre-attached to a backing. They just require adhesive to install them. Some of these tiles come with adhesive while others need an application of adhesive on the floor for installation. 

Carpet Tiles Come with Different Types of Fibre and Pile

You can choose from an assortment of fibres in these tiles. Nylon and polyester are just two examples of this. On top of this, there are plush, commercial and other types of piles from which to make your selection. 

Various Sizes Are Available in Carpet Tiles

To add to the versatility of these tiles, they come in different sizes. Two examples of these sizes are 60 cm by 60 cm and 50 cm by 50 cm. If you have a spacious area to cover with flooring, the larger tiles will expedite the installation since you will need fewer tiles. 

All Shades of Colours Are Possible in Carpet Tiles

If you are concerned that you will have a limited choice of colours, do not be since shades range from white to black with a plethora of choices in between. Just select the shade the complements your office décor in the ideal fashion. 

Carpet Tiles Come in Both Solid Colours and Patterns

Along with the wide choice of colours, you can select from solid coloured tiles or patterns. The patterns range from geometric shapes to stripes or circles. 

Mix or Match to Suit Your Preferences

Let your creativity go wild if you so choose by mixing different carpet tiles together to make a unique style statement. On the other hand, if you are conservative in nature, you can use just one solid shade of carpet tile throughout your office. 

An additional advantage with these tiles that we did not mention is that they are simple to replace in the event of damage. For further facts about why carpet tiles are ideal for offices, consult with Diamond Valley Carpets. We will help you choose the right ones to make your office floors attractive along with easy to care for on a daily basis.

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