Different Carpet Types: Twist Pile, Plush Pile, Textured and Loop

17 April 2019

Now that carpet is your choice for flooring, you must select not only the colour of it but also the type you prefer. After all, there are four main kinds of carpet, namely twist pile, plush pile, textured and loop. Each one has its own distinct looks and characteristics that you need to learn about in order to select the right one for your specific purpose. Read our explanation of the above carpet types in the following to further educate yourself of this topic. 

Twist Pile Carpet

Carpet that is in this category contains twisted yarns or fibres. As you shop for this type of carpet, you will notice that there are different levels of it ranging from low-twist to high-twist varieties. The higher the twist, the more times that the fibres have been twisted. If you need carpet for an area that receives a lot of traffic, this one is ideal since it does not show footprints easily. 

Plush Pile

The carpet fibres of plush pile are cut to be all the same height for a uniform, smooth appearance. Each length of this type of carpet is made from closely tufted strands, and this creates a dense, soft carpeting. Different types of synthetic and wool fibres are used to create this carpet style. Often, this style is preferred for its luxuriousness and comfort, but both these features are dependent upon the type of fibre that the plush includes. Also, this is a cost-effective choice. 

Textured Carpet

A textured carpet is made by combining different heights of fibres together and treating them with heat to create a pattern in it. The results of the process is a very durable carpet that does not show footprints, dents or for that fact, dirt depending upon the colours in the carpet. Great flooring for pets, kids and high-traffic areas. For cleanability and stain-resistance, be certain to choose a textured carpet made with the appropriate fibres. You can select from wool, polyester or nylon fibres. 

Loop Style

Loop carpet is made by sewing strands of yarn onto a special backing. The result is thousands of loops. There are different variations of this style of carpet, such as loop, tufted loop or cut and loop. It all depends on how the loops are treated after this first process as to how manufacturers categorises their loop carpet. The downside of this style is that pets or kids can pull the loops out, so keep this in mind when shopping for your carpet. 

For further facts about the different carpet types of twist pile, plush pile, textured and loop, turn to Diamond Valley Carpets. We specialise not only in carpet and carpet tiles but also in other types of flooring options.

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